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the anti-social...

CP “I would like you to explain your concept of community(which can range all the way from the micro-community of lovers to the universal community of spirit in Christianity) How could the coming community go beyond this exclusivity?”

JLN “I want to stress that I don’t like to use the term ‘community’ without certain precautions. It has come to connote very much the ‘exclusive community’ you mention, and perhaps it may have always denoted that exclusivity. But what I have sought to works with is directed against any inferiority of community. That is why I prefer to speak of being-in-common or being-with. These are heavy expressions, I know. Their density avoids the seduction of the word ‘community’…”

Jean-Luc Nancy and Chantal Pontbriand (2000) from the Commonwealth catalogue in 2003.

Communities, of whatever type always drift towards exclusivity and to read the rest of the above text demonstrates the impossibility of philosophy in itself escaping from the exclusivity. And yet the commons as the phrase above suggests there is such a potential place, a commonwealth. I seem to be running into philosophical exclusivities quite a lot recently… I wish I could say I don’t understand why.

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